When it comes to branding, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity. With Stickerz custom floor decals, you can add an extra level of signage, advertising, or imagery to your business, event, or even home! We offer a wide array of materials to ensure you can find what works best for you. Our floor decals are super easy to apply, and are slip resistant to keep safety top-of-mind. Here are 5 ways you can use our floor and street decals to increase conversions:

Promote Your Deals and Sales
Creating custom floor decals to notify your customers about promos is a great way to get people interested and increase conversions in your store! With people constantly looking down at their phones, notifying people of a fresh or upcoming sale on the ground will surely help get your customer’s attention. This is also a very unconventional way to market products, so it will definitely catch their eye!

Help Guide Foot Traffic
Accessibility and ease-of-navigation is incredibly important for people that own storefronts. One great way to help guide people to your store is to create floor decals of arrows or signs leading to your physical location, especially if you operate out of a building/location with multiple businesses. You can also use footprints or other objects to help lead your audience to something new and exciting, the possibilities are endless!

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